"Everything is Design... Everything!"


Hello hello!

I am a User Experience and Product Designer currently working with the Cloud Platform and Solutions Group on a suite of cloud products at Cisco. Previously, I helped people visualize their data at Sigma Computing and I adapted enterprise software for greenfield customers in the Industrial IoT world during my time at General Electric Digital. Prior to that, I studied Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech.

I honed my critical thinking and problem solving skills at the University of Mumbai, where I studied Information Technology. I also spent a couple of years working in a design-driven e-commerce company which taught me the importance (read: ROI) of focussing on a customer’s experience.

I believe that design thinking is a philosophy for problem solving to build customer stickiness and loyalty. I enjoy continuing my education by exploring new avenues such as un-conferences, where I flex my sketchnoting muscles. I occasionally blog about the different things I dabble in. Feel free to reach out to me for all things design!

Fun Facts:

1. Stationery geek who always finds a good excuse to send someone a hand-written message.

2. I can speak 4 languages, read a 5th and am currently learning my 6th.

3. Geographically-challenged trotter with a love for all things aquatic.

4. Youngest of three siblings - symptoms of this condition will become apparent as one gets to know me.

5. I can touch my chin with my tongue - only 10% of the population can do so!